Scholarship Report: 2017 Australian Lowline Cattle Muster and Camp

The inaugural Australian Lowline Cattle Muster and Show was held over 4 days at the Hawkesbury Showgrounds, Clarendon NSW. It was a camp that had a focus on teaching participants of all ages, leading, feeding and prepping cattle for show. All participants including the new and experienced participants to the industry learnt many new skills that they will be taking home to show their own cattle, while some participants will be able to create jobs from their outstanding performance.

The first day Thursday 5th January 2017 was simply a day for participants getting to know their allocated bovine and each other.  The juniors were able to meet their buddies, and then the fun began with team activities such as The Great Australian Lowline Scavenger Hunt. All participants were involved and worked as a team to collect the 55 different items on the list.

Day 2 was a full day on learning new skills on how to prepare animals prior to show including the feeding aspect. All participants were keen on the hands on activities especially the allocated time for all to clip their own animal for the show, including the juniors.

Day 3 was SHOW DAY. All animals were judged in cattle classes, where the  judge was very impressed by the quality of animals presented on the day. Much to the disgust of many of the participants they were all encouraged to take part in Junior Judging. All participants spoke extremely well, some with the confidence to talk on the loud speaker for all to hear. The highlight of the day was being able to head to dinner casually dressed instead of being in their “muck clothes” as it was the night the fundraising raffle was drawn. With first prize being a heifer, all who had purchased tickets were eager to find out who the winner would be. Thank you to Gill and Ken Lorrains from Whitby Farm Lowlines for donating the lovely heifer ‘Whitby Farm Heidi’.

Day 4 was a shorter day with only having paraders on the agenda before packing up and having our presentation of all the different awards. Congratulations to Karina Britton for winning the participation award and to Brandon Beck for winning the most successful competitor who took out Grand Champion Parader and Grand Champion Judge.

A huge thank you to ASC NextGen for their wonderful sponsorship/scholarship. The scholarship gave the Lowline Muster Committee the opportunity to purchase ribbons. A special thank you to Natalie Hoskins who was able to present some ribbons and awards on the final day at the presentation.

Thank you ASC NextGen!!

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